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Prophecies given by Prophetess Claudina Dahl

Good morning,

(I was replying to an e-mail about the 95 year old man telling Obama to 'Shape up or Ship out'.)

It is so wonderful to live in a nation that will allow us to state our opinion about The President and/or any political campaign. I am so grateful that we can still pray for our leaders. Now that we are moving into the next phase of God's divine plan for His people, our leaders need wisdom and strength to make the RIGHT decisions.

(at this point, Holy Spirit took over)

Holy Spirit is preparing Jesus' Bride for the Marriage Ceremony. I am looking forward to this outstanding and spectacular wave of the awesome, 'fear' reviving, demonstration of the Power of the Mighty God that is about to move around the world, separating the goats from the sheep. This revival will cause the 'Fear of the Lord' to increase to a point that those who love Him will cling even tighter and those who are 'playing games' will run.

The lines are being drawn in the sand. The Anti-Christ (anti-anointing) will be formed by an alliance between many main-stream churches joining together under the guise of "ridding society of all Religious Radicals", Christians and Muslims alike, to form a more "Perfect Union", One World Government. In the Name of 'Freedom' we will live in harmony, world wide.

There will be perfect 'PEACE' instilled in every true believer that will be a mystery to everyone around them. THE peace that passes all understanding. Daily comforted by Holy Spirit, encouraged and cared for; nutured, babied, bathed in the light of His love, saturated in the oil of His anonting. We will be ready, longing, anticipating the return of our beloved Groom.


Given by Prophetess Claudina Dahl

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